Health, Safety, Security, & Environment (HSSE)

Dakawou Transport Limited is committed to ensuring safety and health of employees, customers & the public and the protection of the environment by incorporating HSSE as a core function in our transport operations.

We shall achieve this goal by making HSSE every employee’s responsibility through awareness and commitment to HSSE policies and practices. Dakawou Transport Limited is committed to being the most efficient transporter with the highest HSSE standards in the transportation industry in the region.

The following specific actions have been implemented in the furtherance of our HSSE Policy:

  • Put in place appropriate systems, procedures and policies that will guide Dakawou Transport Limited, in achieving improved HSSE performance.
  • Observe all HSSE laws and regulations of this country.
  • Have in place a system of measuring and monitoring HSSE performance through accurate reporting, self-audits and independent checks.
  • Maintain an incident free environment by eliminating all truck and product related incidents by making every employee responsible and accountable for HSSE.
  • Create through management participation,communication and leadership an environment that is conducive to good HSSE performance and that includes efficiency, motivation, openness, integrity, fairness and trust.
  • Create and maintain a trained, professional and motivated workforce, accompanied by a policy of recognizing and rewarding performance.
  • Put in place an effective emergency preparedness and response program to promptly and effectively mitigate incidents when they do occur.
  • Make it a priority to maintain a safe fleet through proper selection and design of trucks supported by an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • Commitment to an alcohol and drug policy with a program to ensure total compliance.
  • To meet our HSSE commitment and objectives we shall work very closely with our clients to ensure continuous improvement that meets our mutual HSSE and Business expectations.
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