Driver Management Policy

Our customer service policy sets out rules that define what our customers should expect in terms of service delivery and how to manage all their needs. These policies are primary tools used to promote customer loyalty and increase the number of customers. It entails the degree of assistance and courtesy granted to those who patronize our business.

The practice of safe driving is essential to maintain all our drivers’ ability to perform their jobs effectively.  The Company endeavors to achieve the highest standards in all areas of health and safety and Company drivers are relied upon to observe all the rules of the road, in addition to guidance related to the use and maintenance of their vehicles.

On the basis that all accidents are preventable, all Company drivers are required to operate their vehicles, at all times, in a responsible and considerate manner, with due regard to the safety of themselves and others, the objective being to minimize the risk of accident.

This covers:-

  • Driver Selection and Qualifications Process
  • Driver Recruitment and Selection Checklist
  • Driver Recruitment Specification
  • Driver Recruitment Test Drive Checklist
  • Medical Assessment for Professional Drivers
  • Medical Evaluation Forms
  • Driver Trainer Requirement
  • Drivers’ Training & Qualification Process Flowchart
  • Induction and probation period
  • Initial Induction Training
  • Driver Training Minimum Skills/ Knowledge Checklist
  • Initial Post Induction Training Assessment
  • Probation period
  • Pre Trip Competency Checklist
  • Loading Competency Checklist
  • Driving Competency Checklist
  • Unloading Competency Checklist
  • Competency under normal & adverse conditions
  • Competency evaluation- announced and unannounced
  • Post Probation Period
  • Driver Competency Framework.